Accurately record salt usage to gain a competitive edge and become a better environmental steward.

We want to help you win contracts, save material, and save money by empowering you with data to create more quotes, eliminate overuse, and better serve customers. With accurate material output information you can bill your clients appropriately and make sure that you aren’t leaving any money on the table. The days of forgetting to bill a customer or underestimating the amount of material used are over. The AccuSalt helps you train drivers to apply materials at appropriate rates based on conditions. All of this plus the added bonus of setting a new level of environmental stewardship by making sure you aren’t over applying.

Bulk Salt Application Monitor

Sensor Module

The Sensor Module is a compact custom sensing system built from solid aluminum. With ceramic bearings and weatherproof connectors, it easily withstands the harshest outdoor environments.

Home Screen of the AccuSalt Salt Application Monitor. This shows the site name and total tons used on that site.


We have worked tirelessly to make the interface very intuitive. We know that if something is complicated no one will want to use it. The system provides driver prompts that are easy to understand and there is only one input method.
The AccuSalt can display salt application rate to help drivers determine how much material they are spreading.

Rate Information

Access to real-time rate information when material is dispensing to help you tune your application rate based off the weather conditions and past historical data. You can transform your training by leveraging this information to help drivers apply material at the appropriate rates.
The AccuSalt can show the site list and will sequentially advance to the next site.

Site Memory

Your drivers can easily access their site list. Every time they complete one site it will advance to the next site. The site, start date/time, tons used, duration, and GPS location data is published to the cloud and is also recorded to the SD card for backup or for use without cellular connectivity. The data can be accessed for operations review and billing.
The AccuSalt can mount easily in your truck and display important salting information.


Purpose Built

The AccuSalt was created with the core focus of empowering snow professionals with access to data. This information can then be used to help increase efficiency, save material, and better serve customers.


The AccuSalt Dashboard Module is equipped with a RAM Mount, providing a highly flexible mounting solution. No cheap u-bracket found with the AccuSalt! The Sensor Module easily mounts on a wide range of shaft sizes, allowing you to retrofit any de-icing system with cutting edge technology. A 30′ custom molded wiring harness is provided to make installation a snap.

Automatic Software Updates

The AccuSalt has a cellular connection allowing it to receive ongoing over-the-air updates. This means that you will always have the latest and greatest software, automatically.

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    The Accusalt is a great tool that is cellularly connected so the data can be sent back to the office.



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